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Types of payments


European payment

  • Quick and convenient way of transferring money to other banks in Estonia, European Union, European Economic Area countries and the United Kingdom
  • Payments up to 15 000 euros are made immediately, if the beneficiary bank is eligible for Instant payments 
  • Apply for a service plan to make Instant and SEPA payments free of charge

Internal payment

  • Transfer money online quickly and conveniently from any location in the world
  • Apply for a service plan to transfer money in euros to accounts with the SEB free of charge

Cross-border payment

  • Payment in foreign currency or outside European Economic Area
  • Urgent and express payments

Standing payment order

  • Timely payment
  • To your chosen beneficiary
  • Free with SEB Plans


  • Receive and overview your invoices in the internet bank for free 
  • Set up automated standing order for even more convenience
  • Help to protect the environment by reducing the need for printed invoices

Consolidated Payment

  • Fast and convenient: it takes only one payment order
  • No special agreement needed: the service is available for internet bank users who have corresponding rights
  • Secure: you can set restrictions who from your company can review consolidated payment details

Salary payment

  • Various payment types: salary, dividend, sickness pay, management Board member's fee, minimum social tax obligation or payments for contractor services
  • Automatic tax calculation and tax payment
  • Streamlined tax declaration