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Apartment building renovation loan

Apartment building renovation loan

Loan for making apartment buildings energy efficient

  • Low interest
  • Long repayment term

SEB’s apartment building renovation loan can be used to finance various construction and renovation works, and the expert analysis and design costs associated with such works. Energy efficient apartment buildings save energy as well as money for the people living in the buildings when it gets cold outside.

Terms and conditions of an apartment building renovation loan
Loan amount: Minimum amount is EUR 10 000, maximum amount according to the apartment building’s solvency.
Self-financing: Starting from 0%.
Term Up to 20 years.
Repayment: Monthly repayment on the basis of a payment schedule for up to 15 years.
Grace period: A grace period of 12 months is possible during the renovation works.
Service charges: Up to 1% of the loan amount (min EUR 200).
Collateral: Collateral is the apartment association’s claims against its members in terms of paying management fees. Foundation KredEx surety, if necessary*.

* The agreement fee and guarantee fee of KredEx must also be paid if their guarantees are used.

Energy effiency calculator

Apartment building loan calculator

Documents required for an apartment building renovation loan

  • loan application
  • minutes of the apartment association’s general meeting regarding the decision to take the loan, according to the bank’s example and the registration sheet of the participants
  • extract of the land register regarding apartment owners
  • annual report of the previous year
  • management plan indicating the loan applied for
  • report on apartment owners in debt
  • evidence/invoices from larger service providers, indicating the absence of debt
  • the building’s expert assessment or energy audit
  • price proposals for renovation works
  • construction notification, if necessary
  • the bank is entitled to request additional documents and information

Base rates

Valid as 21.06.2021
1-month EURIBOR® -0,5500
3-month EURIBOR® -0,5420
6-month EURIBOR® -0,5110
12-month EURIBOR® -0,4800
EONIA® -0,4780
€STR -0,5640
Bank's base interest 0,0000
SEB base rate 0,0000
EURIBOR® historical data
EONIA® historical data
€STR historical data
SEB base rate historical data
Base rate information

Euribor (benchmark) and Eonia (benchmark) are published by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI).
The base interest rate of the bank is set and published by AS SEB Pank.
The set base interest rate may decrease or increase over time. These changes affect the contractual interest rate. For example, if the new base interest rate has increased compared to the previous base interest rate which was in force on the day the agreement was concluded, the interest payments will also increase.



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