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Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing

Lease your equipment

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Equipment leasing allows you to buy means of production and the equipment and machinery required for provision of services by paying for them in instalments during the leasing period.

You can buy the following new and used equipment with equipment leasing:

  • production equipment and lines
  • goods handling equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • medical equipment
  • construction equipment
  • forestry equipment
  • office equipment and IT systems
  • other equipment

Standard terms and conditions of equipment leasing
The final leasing terms and conditions are prepared considering the specific equipment and client. Please contact your Client Executive or submit a leasing application to obtain a leasing offer.

SEB’s standard terms and conditions of equipment leasing
Down payment at least 10% of the cost of the property
Contract fee starting from 1% of the acquisition cost of the lease item, min €225
Financed amount starting from 10 000 EUR without VAT
Length of leasing period up to 84 months
We generally finance the purchase of equipment by way of capital lease. It is possible to leave some residual value at the end of the leasing period, which must be paid with the last leasing payment.

Requirements for lease equipment:

  • The economic life of the equipment must be longer than the leasing period.
  • It must be possible to maintain and repair the equipment during the leasing period.
  • It must be possible to insure the equipment.
  • The vehicle must be identifiable (serial number, for example)

Price list


There are several ways for submitting an application.

You have to submit the following documents when applying:

  • application on the form provided by SEB (on paper or electronically)
  • audited annual report for the previous financial year
  • balance sheet and income statement that are not older than 120 days
  • equipment sales offer
  • valuation report of used equipment if the equipment is not sold by a partner of SEB equipment leasing (EST)

Leased property must be insured during the entire leasing period.

Requirements for leased property insurance contract

  • The insurer must be an insurance company accepted by SEB.
  • The property must be insured for an amount that is at least equal to market value during the entire leasing period.
  • The insurance contract must be entered into with the smallest excess permitted by the insurer.
  • AS SEB Liising must be noted as the beneficiary in the insurance contract.
  • The terms and conditions of the insurance contract must guarantee that indemnity is paid out in full in the event of theft of the property, fire or water damage, natural disaster, traffic accident and any other damages that may be caused by a loss event.
  • Insurance premium must be paid on time in accordance with the insurance contract.
  • Insurance contract must be concluded for a period of one year.
  • To prove the validity of the insurance, please submit a copy of the new insurance policy to SEB within five days prior to the end of the valid insurance policy, at the latest. You may send it to the e-mail address or fax it to 665 5103.

Amendment of leasing contract
Submit an unattested written application if you would like to make amendments in the contract. Send the bank a message from the Internet Bank or e-mail to to submit the application. You will be charged for contract amendments according to the price list.

Leasing payments
Invoices for leasing payments are available in the Internet Bank, by e-mail or on paper. 
For more convenient payment of lease invoices we recommend e-invoice with automated standing order service
You will find details of your valid leasing contract and payment schedule in the Internet Bank.

Termination of capital lease

  • The leasing period expires when the last leasing payment is paid. We will send you a leasing contract termination certificate when all leasing payments are paid.
  • You pay the residual value of the equipment with the last leasing payment if you signed a capital lease contract with residual value. At the end of the leasing period, you may apply for an extension of the leasing period to pay the residual value in instalments. Send SEB a message from the Internet Bank or e-mail to to submit the application.

Valid from 01.12.2018

Description of service Price in euros
1.Entry into contract  
Entry into lease contract 1% of the acquisition cost of the lease item,
min €225
Conclusion of a new lease contract on the residual value of the ending lease contract 1% of the acquisition cost of the lease item,
min €160
2. Amendment of contractual conditions  
Amendment of contract, incl. change of lease period, change of repayment schedule, transfer of contract to new lessee, releasing additional collateral (surety, guarantee), other contractual changes

1% on outstanding residual value (1), 
min €160

Amendment of contract due to partial early performance of financial lease contract of a private individual, if other conditions are not changed No contract amendment fee (for fixed interest, interest difference charge shall be paid)
Amendment of payment day of a valid lease contract upon client's request EUR 30, first amendment free of charge
Reinstatement of contract EUR 160
3. Debt notice to the lessee (2)  
Reminder of debt Free of charge
Debt claim letter EUR 5
4. Authorisations, reports, certificates, invoices, other(2)  
Unattested power of attorney, incl. for changing the register entry in the e-service of Road Administration EUR 12
Upon expiry / pre-term termination of lease contract, first authorisation free of charge
Notarised power of attorney EUR 90
Change of register data during the lease period by the
EUR 12, state fee to be added.
Upon expiry / pre-term termination of lease contract, initiating the change of owner free of charge
Processing a claim arising from the violation of parking conditions, traffic regulations, or other legislation (including moving costs of the vehicle) EUR 36
Incurred costs will be added
Consent for subleasing the property EUR 42
Cancellation / amendment of redemption invoice of property upon client’s request EUR 12
Confirmation of balance statement presented by the client Free of charge
Issuing a certificate, consent, copy of contract, duplicate invoice (older than 1 month), fuel card statement or balance confirmation upon client’s request EUR 12
Issue of a specific statement or report upon the client’s request; confirmation of a period turnover statement provided by the client EUR 30
5. Pre-term termination of lease contract (2)  
Pre-term termination of private person’s lease contract As per contractual conditions
Pre-term termination of legal person's lease contract Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the fee for early repayment is 2.5% on outstanding residual value (1), min €225; for operating lease, VAT shall be added; for fixed interest, interest difference charge shall be added

The establisher of the price list reserves the right to make changes to the price list.

(1) Outstanding residual value is the total sum of unpaid instalments, balance of VAT(loan) and residual value.
(2) Service fees include VAT as per Value-Added Tax Act

Base rates

Valid as 25.09.2020
1-month EURIBOR® -0,5230
3-month EURIBOR® -0,4980
6-month EURIBOR® -0,4680
12-month EURIBOR® -0,4330
EONIA® -0,4680
€STR -0,5540
Bank's base interest 0,0000
SEB base rate 0,0000
EURIBOR® historical data
EONIA® historical data
€STR historical data
SEB base rate historical data
Base rate information

Euribor (benchmark) and Eonia (benchmark) are published by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI).
The base interest rate of the bank is set and published by AS SEB Pank.
The set base interest rate may decrease or increase over time. These changes affect the contractual interest rate. For example, if the new base interest rate has increased compared to the previous base interest rate which was in force on the day the agreement was concluded, the interest payments will also increase.


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