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Financial risk assessment for interest risk management

  • Performing interest rate risk analysis based on your activities
  • Identifying potential losses due to interest rate fluctuations
  • Introducing the methods of interest rate risk management
  • Providing tailor-made hedging recommendations based on your risk exposure

We can determine how your company’s financial results are affected by interest rate fluctuations and present several ways to manage the associated risks.

Benefits of risk assessment

Eliminate or mitigate adverse impacts of interest rate changes

Plan and achieve a desired target profit

Fix interest costs of long-term loans or investments

How we help your business

Financial results of companies which take long term loans are increasingly affected by variable interest rates (e.g. Euribor 3m, Euribor 6m) and their changes.

We determine the extent to which your company’s financial positions are subject to interest rate changes and offer interest risk management solutions.

Seeking to deliver an optimal risk management solution, we rely on actual historical interest rate levels and apply implied forward curve method to calculate possible interest flows in the future.

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