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Financial markets client agreement and service conditions

  • Financial markets client agreement regulates the relationships between the bank and the client, which are related to money and capital market financial services.
  • The client agreement establishes the prerequisites and basis for the use of services and specifies the general procedure for providing services. The agreement regulates above all the provision of services on the basis of orders given by phone.
  • The content of each service and detailed conditions and order of its use are specified in the service conditions of each service. In the cases and extent specified in the service conditions, the provisions of (service) conditions established for another service or bank product shall also be applied to the use of the respective service.
  • A list of the services with references to the main service conditions applied with respect to the service and the limits required for obtaining the right to use the service has been set out in Annex 1 of the client agreement.
  • Upon using the service, the contractual parties shall first and foremost follow the service conditions and client agreement. The client agreement applies to the service insofar as it is not in conflict with the conditions of a specific service.
  • Financial markets client agreement can be concluded via client administrators.