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Do not disclose your bank card, Mobile App or authentication device security codes to anyone

  • The bank’s employees do not need the code of your bank card or Mobile App security code to carry out a transaction or assist you.
  • When logging into Internet Bank with a PIN-calculator, the bank never asks for more than one code at a time.

Use secure authentication tools such as Smart-ID, ID card, mobile ID or PIN calculator.

More information about secure authentication tools

Protect your computer against intruders

To increase the safety of Windows, download the recent security patches from the Microsoft webpage at Switch on automatic updating of security patches.

You may read more about the AntiVirus programs and firewalls on the following websites:

When leaving your computer, always log out the Internet Bank

Always log out the Internet Bank by using the link “Exit” and close the web browser. Do it even if you leave the computer for just a moment. Do not open a new Internet Bank session, if you have already logged into Internet Bank. When re-entering the Internet Bank, your previous session will expire automatically.

Software and browser requirements

For the full functionality and security we recommend using the newest version of your preferred software.
Minimum requirements for using our web page, Internet Bank and mobile application:

  • Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12
  • Google Chrome 55, Mozilla Firefox 45, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 9
  • Android 6.0 with Google Chrome mobile browser, iOS 9.0 with Google Chrome or Safari mobile browser