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Business dashboard

A convenient tool to analyze the company's cashflow in the Business Internet bank


Business dashboard helps you to:

  • Track, compare and analyse Account Performance across different banks over a specified period of time;
  • Track income, expenses, account balances and cashflows over time;
  • Easily plan for all incoming purchases and sales invoices by utilising visual graphs.

Better business management and well visualised account information

We have created aggregated and well visualized business dashboard to execute SME's better business decisions and create better business management experience with the following possibilities*:

  • account summary;
  • timeline of cash flow during the selected period;
  • overview of the sales and purchase invoices.
* To access business dashboard, business user will need to have access to see business account information.

You can find Business dashboard from our Business Internet bank menu "Additional services/ Settings" → "Additional services" →"Business Dashboard".

Linking your payment acounts from different banks to SEB internet bank

Now you can link your other bank’s payment accounts to SEB internet bank and to manage your financial matters in one place. SEB internet bank will display your payment account details such as IBAN, account balance and account’s transaction list of the last 90 days.

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All information in one place

  • All business customer accounts can be seen on a single Donut Chart;
  • Other banks accounts can be added;
  • When hovering over the Donut Chart or Account list, more details are presented.
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All accounts

  • Illustrates how balances have changes over the selected time period;
  • When hovering over the Donut Chart or Account list, more details are presented;
  • Information presented also in a table.
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Cashflow and Comparison

  • Income, Expenses and Net Balances are presented for the selected time period;
  • Customer can now analyse how cash flow has changed over time;
  • Customer can compare different time periods and see the changes.