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All in one daily banking services


Company’s daily banking services for single monthly fee

Current accounts

All payments within SEB and payments in euros within European Union

Mastercard Business debit cards

Start free with SEB

​​​​​​As a new business customer, you will have 3 years of free main banking services*

  • free business client plan for three years: free European payments, debit cards and current accounts without a monthly fee and option to join Baltic Gateway operator channel
  • for merchants up to five POS terminals free for six months and SEB's e-commerce payment solution without a contract fee
  • e-invoice portal for submitting and receiving e-invoices conveniently
  • bank is where you are – you can ask all the important questions via video
  • advice from experienced professionals to support you in finding the best solutions

*The offer is valid until 30 April 2024. The offer is valid for all new business clients of SEB, except for non-resident legal persons and providers of financial or other similar services that require an activity licence and persons related to them. The number of free European payments is according to the selected package. Legal persons registered in Estonia, represented by or with owners or beneficiaries being non-resident individuals, are subject to a handling fee of documents submitted for current account opening in accordance with the price list.

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Plan comparison and discounts

7 €/m

  • 20 free European payments


14 €/m

  • 50 free European payments


26 €/m

  • 100 free European payments


48 €/m

  • 200 free European payments


All plans include All plans include

Free for the first 3 years if you join us as a new customer
Current accounts without a monthly fee (usually – 1 euro/account)
Unlimited number of free payments to SEB accounts (usually – 0.16 euros)
Save on commissions with free European payments (usually – 0.38 euros)
Free use of Mastercard Business debit cards (usually – 2 euros)
Free settlements for a year through the Super+ Plan for three key persons in your company and PZU Kindlustus home insurance and company property insurance on special terms

Calculate the best deal for you

Calculator is available on the desktop version of SEB homepage.

Frequently asked questions

A monthly fee for the plan is charged on the 4th day of each month. 

The current service plan will remain valid until the end of the current month, and the new plan will take effect from the first day of the following month. There will be no concluding fee for changing the service plan.
  • Concluding fee is debited on the following day from your indicated account of signing the agreement if an ordered service plan is valid right away. A concluding fee is not debited if an agreement starts to valid from the beginning of following month.
  • If you terminate the agreement before the end of the month, the fee will not be refunded and standard service fees from the bank’s price list will start to apply.
  • The concluding, monthly fee is charged even if you do not use the services included in the plan.

Without extra charge you can make the defined number of online transfers, while any surplus is subject to the standard fees from the bank’s price list.

You can cancel the agreement anytime via internet bank or by filing a cancellation request at a bank unit

Business Customers Plans are not offered to non-resident legal persons, providers of financial services or other similar services which require an activity licence, or persons related to such service providers.

Get a special discount price if you are already using at least one of these SEB services: business credit card, account overdraft limit, factoring, POS terminal (using card readers), non-cash settlement via the Internet service (Bank Link), and guarantee.

In addition to the special benefits for companies, private individuals also stand gain as the company’s three key persons receive free settlements for one year, through the Super+ Plan, along with the best possibilities as well as home insurance from PZU* Kindlustus on special terms.

* PZU is the trademark of AB “Lietuvos draudimas” Estonian branch. AB “Lietuvos draudimas” is a Lithuanian non-life insurance company, belonging to the international PZU Group. AS SEB Pank and AS SEB Liising acts as the insurance agent of the Estonian branch of AB “Lietuvos draudimas”, and is entered in the list of insurance intermediaries published on the website of Financial Supervision Authority. The list is available at