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Options of Internet Bank for Business


  • You can save the domestic and cross-border payment orders. The number of saved beneficiaries is not limited.
  • You can confirm payments all at a time, i.e. no code from the code card is required for every individual payment.
  • With a consolidated payment order, for example, it is convenient to make salary payments. The account will be debited in one amount and the bank will distribute the amount to predefined beneficiaries. Internal payments, made with a consolidated payment, are free of charge.
  • Saving beneficiaries of consolidated payments as predefined beneficiaries enables to use the consolidated payments every month for paying out the salaries, without the need to enter the data of the beneficiaries multiple times.
  • Payments can be imported to Internet Bank from the accounting program
  • Payments can be signed, and enable multiple confirmation.
  • You can add the panga bank’s digital signature to the payment receipt. This enables to use the electronic receipt as an evidence of concluded payment.
  • You can repay credit card loan.
  • You can declare cross-border payments.
  • E-bills make payment of bills easy and fast.

Inquiries and overviews

You can use the following options for inquiries and overviews of the Internet Bank for Business.

  • Make inquiries on account balance and statements, cards, loans, leases (e.g. payment schedules), factoring, deposits and securities safekeeping account. Read about the account statement in CSV-format.
  • Make inquiries on pending payments, i.e. payments with a future payment date.
  • Order filtered account statement.
  • Save account statement in a file, which can be imported to the accounting program.
  • Order a statement of card payments, incl. POS terminal transactions.
  • Order accounting documents, summary account statement or unnumbered statement to Internet Bank for Business, by e-mail, post or fax. Account statement can be ordered by a person, who is authorised to sign account-related contracts with the bank.
  • Order account statement with the bank’s digital signature, which can be used as an evidence of the conducted transactions (e.g. for presenting to an auditor).
  • View the report on principal payments of loan; when and what kind of transactions have been made upon loan disbursement and settlement and what is the loan balance after the said transactions. It is also possible to view settlement of overdraft loan in previous periods.
  • View authorised users of the account and electronic bank service agreements related to them. Read about assigning user rights.

Conclusion of contracts in Internet Bank

You can carry out the following operations related to contracts in Internet Bank

  • Opening a current account and deposits
  • Signing and amending standing payment order contract
  • Signing e-invoice automated standing payment order contract
  • Ordering a virtual card for payments on the Internet
  • Ordering a debit card
  • Submitting credit card application
  • Signing Mobile Bank contract
  • Signing Express Notification Contract for ordering an SMS or e-mail on account movements
  • Staggering of commission fees
  • Bank guarantees, letters of credit, documentary collections
  • Singing Bank Link contract
  • Obtaining information on active loan, surety and guarantee contracts
  • Submitting loan and lease applications
  • Signing lease contracts



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