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All bank’s currency exchange deals are executed through Treasury.

Currency and money market

Every second something happens on the international money market, which influences the prices of certain currencies to a greater or lesser extent. SEB Treasury offers its clients the best service and expertise in assisting the clients to comprehend the volatile money market.

SEB always offers the market rate for currency transactions exceeding EUR 10,000. Mostly the market rate is better than the daily rate of the respective currency in the bank. The market rate is applied on banking days from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

If you have concluded a financial markets client agreement, the most operative way to agree on the transaction conditions is by phone. You can also get information about market movements and any help regarding activities in the money market.

  • Trading Station – currency and money market transaction platform

    Trading Station is an Internet based currency and money market transaction platform for companies. Trading Station is suitable for companies frequently performing large-scale currency transactions. Transactions can be made with more than 20 currencies.

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  • Currency conversion

    Currency conversion is an agreement between the bank and the client to buy or selling currency with spot rate. Upon conversion, the client specifies the currency pair and the amount to be converted and, based on that, the bank will quote the exchange rate for the client.

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  • Currency Option

    Options give the clients exposed to currency risks the opportunity to manage currency risks. By fixing the exchange rate for the future the company is not influenced anymore by the movements on currency market.

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  • Currency Swap

    In a swap transaction the client and the bank agree to exchange one currency for another currency at a certain rate (spot rate). The agreement also stipulates to re-exchange the same amounts at a certain future date also at a certain rate (swap rate).

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  • Forward Outright or Forward Transaction

    Forward outright or forward transaction can be performed within the scope of financial markets client agreement. Forward outright transaction is a purchase or sale of a certain amount of one currency for another at a fixed rate at a certain date in the future.

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  • Transaction order

    To carry out a transaction at a certain price, the client may leave an intra-day order (min. amount EUR 6,500 equivalent) with the dealer for buying or selling currency.

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