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E-commerce payment solution

E-commerce payment solution

  • Acceptance of Mastercard and Visa cards globally
  • Payment initiation service from major Baltic banks
  • Acceptance of PayPal payments

The e-commerce payments solution helps to grow your business’ revenue by accepting payments in ways that are the most convenient for your clients: by card, bank transfer or PayPal.

No hidden monthly fees

Internet bank payment fees starting
0,13 euros per transaction

Card payment fees starting
 1,35% per transaction

Internet bank payment fees starting
 0,13 euros per transaction

Card payment fees starting
1,35% per transaction

E-commerce payments solution allows merchants to try out a new form of payment based on the principles of Open Banking. One agreement enables to initiate payments from customer accounts not only in SEB, but also in other major Baltic banks i.e. Swedbank, Luminor, Citadele and LHV bank in Estonia. Customers can continue using any bank account for payment. Meanwhile, merchant can manage their online stores in a single system, signing an agreement with only one financial service provider, rather than multiple ones.

One solution enables merchants to accept Mastercard or Visa payments: one-off payments for non-registered clients, recurring payments for regular clients with pre-filled card info or make repeat payments by concluding an automatic debit agreement with the client specifying the payment frequency and amounts.

Other forms of payments are also offered and tailored to the needs of the company: Paypal payments, LinkPay payment orders sent by link.

We offer the e-commerce payment solution in cooperation with the fintech company EveryPay. PayTech Awards 2020 recognized EveryPay as the best cloud payment solution in the world.

Benefits of the e-commerce payments solution

  • One agreement and one integration enable several payment methods
  • All payments are collected on SEB current account, no need to conclude agreements with multiple banks
  • Secure online payments for your clients
  • Advisory and support
  • Management of risks with GDPR, AML risk management, fraud prevention tools

Comprehensive portal for merchants

The e-commerce payments solution includes a convenient portal for merchants that allows managing your e-commerce in one place.

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  • Monitoring transactions in real time, statistics and reports
  • Payment history, filtering, and export
  • Cancellation and refunding of card payments
  • Fraud prevention tool
  • Management of e-shop check out page settings

How to start

  • 1

    Fill the application


    Sign agreement


    Integration and testing of solution


    Launch to your customers


    Technical support by EveryPay

General requirements for a merchant's website

When using the payment solution, the merchant's website must meet the following terms and conditions:

Contact data of the company

The website offering the goods or services must belong to a company that has concluded an agreement with the bank.

  • complete name of the company;
  • registry code;
  • postal address; country of residence;
  • e-mail address;
  • contact phone.

Information about the offered goods and services

  • Complete list of goods/services – a detailed description of the goods/service; price list (currency for the card transaction);
  • Total cost of the order – postal charges and the fee for determining them will be added; reference to possible additional fees, including the obligation of the person who orders to pay possible customs fees and value-added taxes.

Paying for goods and services and card logos

  • Description and terms and conditions of the purchasing process – must be easily found and unambiguous for the client;
  • Payment methods – different payment methods must be listed;
  • The website must clearly display the logos of the accepted cards (Mastercard/Visa) and trademarks (SecureCode, VbV). You can download the correct logos from the website of EveryPay;

Terms and conditions for the delivery and return of goods and services

  • Procedure for handing over / sending the goods;
  • Procedure for forwarding data about the order to the client;
  • Warranty provisions of the goods; procedure for exchange and return;
  • Phone and e-mail address of customer support and procedure for providing feedback. Phone: local time working hours and time zone (GMT +2); e-mail address: time period in which replies are provided.
  • The merchant undertakes to verify by any means which leaves a written record that the client of merchant has agreed to the terms and conditions for providing the service and/or the sale of the goods before confirming the transaction.

NB! The entire transaction process must be executed on the website specified in the agreement concluded with the bank. It is prohibited to direct the website to sites not specified in the agreement. It is also prohibited to direct the websites of other sales environments to the website specified in the agreement.

We also ask that you familiarise yourself with the document prepared by the Consumer Protection Board Instructions for a company operating in e-trade, which includes instructions for merchants arising from the requirements of the law and good trading practices.


Payments by card can be adjusted according to your business needs.

  1. Guest check-out – one-off payments for goods and services for your customers who have not filled out the registration form. A simple and safe way of payment.
  2. Payments with tokens – a simpler way for second and further payments for the goods and services provided to your regular customers, who do not need to enter the card data for every further purchase.
  3. Recurring payments – if you provide periodic services, you have to conclude an agreement with your customer on automatic account debiting, indicating frequency and amounts of the payment.

Payment by card is secure, as a cardholder is authenticated using Mastercard Identity Check or Visa Secure (3D Secure) technologies.

How to prevent card frauds?

Internet Card Payments provide a more convenient method for purchases. Unfortunately, more convenient methods mean greater risks. The more card data people enter, the more tempted criminals are to gain access to them.

Merchants unfortunately have to deal with card frauds as they provide Internet payments. Therefore, here are some simple guidelines for preventing card fraud and the resultant damage.

Before sending out the goods, the transaction data should be checked and attention should be paid to irregular activities:

  • compare the data with previous frauds;
  • check the addresses where the goods are sent. Situations where transactions for goods ordered to the same address have been made with different bank cards or different card holders might cause suspicion;
  • Pay attention to unconventional sums. Transitions made in larger than usual sums should be paid especially close attention to;
  • Pay attention to the IP addresses of the card holders. If the same IP address is used to make transactions with different cards or for different recipients, close attention should be paid.

If there is any suspicion of a fraud, the merchant must immediately contact the bank and not send the goods.

From now on, having concluded an e-commerce payments agreement, you can accept payment orders for the goods and services from customers who have accounts with major Baltic banks: SEB, Swedbank, Luminor, Citadele, LHV and Siauliu Bankas.

Customer will choose the bank from which they will make payments. You will no longer need to conclude separate agreements with other banks.

The consumer will login to their bank using the authentication devices they have and will confirm the payment in their bank’s secure environment. Some banks also allow SEB E-commerce payment solution to complete the full payment process without redirecting consumer to their internet banks, in such case the checkout process becomes seamless, while still remaining completely secure.

SEB E-commerce payment solution offers a possibility to accept payments using PayPal – a worldwide popular payment system. If you have signed agreement with Paypal already, you will be able to manage Paypal payments conveniently in SEB e-commerce merchant portal with other payments methods.

Choose from several ways for easier integration of e-commerce payment solution with your online systems:

  • Integration through standardised API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Free of charge plug-ins for the most popular platforms: Voog, ShopRoller, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento2, Presta Shop, WebShopper.
  • Programming tool SDK for mobile applications

More information on integration and technical specifications:

Customer support for e-commerce payment solution:

How will the payment security be ensured?

Card payments are secure because the cardholder is authenticated via Mastercard Identity Check or Visa Secure (3D Secure) technology.

Businesses will have access to an online merchant portal where they can view payment status, refund card payments to clients if necessary, and export a payment overview. The new platform also includes anti-fraud, consumer data protection and other business-critical solutions and tools.

Concerning the principles of Open Banking, the requirements of the EU Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) provide that it should be possible for online banking clients to view aggregated information about all of their payment accounts with different banks and payment service providers. Finance technology companies will be able to offer new services such as account information and payment initiation. It should be emphasized, that customer data will continue to be fully protected and will only be accessible to third parties if consent has been obtained from the customer.

How much does the service cost?

The price of e-commerce payment solution depends on the wishes and needs of the company. Please apply for a personal consultation to find out more about the offer.

If a bank link service contract is already in place, will a new contract be required?

The existing bank link agreement allows the merchant to accept payments only from SEB accounts. If you want to simplify the management of your e-payments and accept payments from other banks in addition to SEB, then a new agreement must be signed to start using SEB E-commerce payment solution.

Payment services ensured by AS SEB Pank

Legal entity code: 10004252
Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 665 5100

SEB bank operates under the supervision of Financial Supervision Authority (Finantsinspektsioon)

Address: Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 668 0500

Payment initiation service will allow you to make a payment directly from account in your account servicing payment service provider if your account is accessible online.

Using payment initiation service, you will need to authenticate yourself by providing personalized security credentials according to terms of your account servicing payment service provider. Payment authorization using strong customer authentication mean (Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID-card or other two-step authentication device ), provided to you by your credit institution, will be considered as your consent to execute the payment. You are responsible for the consent to the transfer of money. You may not recall your consent given to another payment institution.

SEB bank does not charge any additional fees for the payment initiation service. Payments fees from your account servicing payment service provider are according to your agreement with certain provider.

You will need to consent that your account data such as IBAN, name and currency will be forwarded to SEB bank to initiate payment. SEB bank does not use, access or store any data for purposes other than those necessary to establish a secure connection with your chosen account servicing payment service provider and to provide the payment initiation service.

You can read more about our data processing principles in SEB’s Terms and Conditions for Processing Personal Data.

Description of the Service
Payment initiation service
a) Variable price per transaction
Min. €0.13
Max. €0.75
b) Fixed price per transaction €0.40 
Online card payment service fee per transaction for a card issued within the European Economic Area 1,35%, min €0.13
Online card payment service fee per transaction for a card issued outside the European Economic Area 2,55%, min €0.13
Commission fee for PayPal payments per transaction €0.10
Fee for concluding the agreement €50.00
Monthly agreement fee €0

When the turnover of a business exceeds €5,000 per month (for a single type of payment), we will make a personal offer.

The prices in the table are indicative and liable to change based on the transaction volume and the business model of the trader.



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