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Investment funds

Leave everyday investment decisions to the specialists


You only need to choose the most suitable investment strategy with the relevant risk level. The team of our professionals will do the rest. 

  • Recommended for long term investments
  • The minimum amount of an investment is 1 euro
  • Wide range – various strategy, geography, stock, bond and technology funds 

I have also been a client of other banks, yet I still return to seb, because so far, I have received adequate information to meet my needs only from seb.

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The best option for saving is always recommended.

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Today I consider SEB Pank to be the most service-friendly and reliable bank.

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How does investing in funds work?

  • Make sure you have opened a securities account. It can be opened via Internet Bank free of charge
  • Choose the funds and strategy to invest or choose multiple funds to invest
  • Buy funds
  • We advise you to make regular investments in funds to decrease the fluctuations in the investment portfolio value

SEB investment funds

SEB Strategy funds

  • Choose the fund which has the most suitable strategy and risk level
  • Suitable for both, new and experienced investors

The investment philosophy of strategy funds is based on using up to seven different asset classes depending on the prevailing market conditions. The objective is to achieve a return which is more stable than a return based on traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.

SEB Traditional funds

  • Choose from various funds: bond, money market and stock funds. Also, you can choose from different countries, regions and economy sectors.
  • Suitable for various types of investors

Those different types of funds may be suitable for various types of investors who expect a low risk-return-reward on investments as well as for a client who aims to complement a balanced investment portfolio, while accepting a higher risk.

Calculate how much you could earn by investing

Investment ABC

If you are new to investing, it could be difficult to understand all the details. So, we created a short guide which will help you to learn the basic stuff. 

  • Guide on how to get started
  • Advice on what to look for when choosing where to invest
  • Investing dictionary

If you are new to investing, it could be difficult to understand all the details. So, we created a short guide which will help you to learn the basic stuff. 

Pricing of investment products depends largely on the fund you are planning to invest in. However, you should consider with the following fees and charges:

  • Securities account opening which is free of charge in Internet Bank
  • Investment account opening (recommended, not a must) which is free of charge
  • Safekeeping fee / Monthly administration fee
  • Fund’s ongoing charge

Learn more

Not sure how to start? Our consultants can help.

  • You can consult online via video meeting
  • Review of your financial situation
  • We will recommend solutions based on your situation and needs

When providing investment services, we always comply with Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

  • Investor protection as stated by MiFID
  • Transparency of financial markets
  • Your investments are kept separated from the bank’s balance sheet which means they are protected from the bank’s creditors

You need a securities account to invest

  • It is used to hold securities and engage in securities transactions
  • Transfer to or receive securities from third parties, i.e., from other individuals or companies
  • An opportunity to buy and sell independently by using the Internet Bank
  • No fees for opening or closing the securities account in Internet Bank