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Collect payments in-store or on the go


Keep up with customers’ needs by accepting cards and contactless payments

Smaller expenses for cash services

Safer transactions for customers and less risk for merchants

Money is deposited to your account next business day

Choose a portable solution based on your business capacity



  • Portable & Contactless
  • Outbound trade / small number of transactions
  • Connects to mobile device via Bluetooth


Touchscreen mobile payment terminal

Touchscreen mobile payment terminal

  • Portable & contactless smart device with HD colour touchscreen
  • Up to 200 payments / day
  • Best for retail trade, catering and delivery services
  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


mobile terminal

Mobile POS terminal

  • Portable & Contactless
  • Up to 100 payments/day
  • Best for catering / service
  • Battery-powered GSM and Bluetooth connection


Choose a stationery device

Stationery pos terminal

Stationery POS terminal

  • Stationery & Contactless
  • Up to 200 payments/day
  • Best for trade
  • Powered GSM and LAN connection


Cash register system

Cash register system

  • Stationery & Contactless
  • Unlimited payments for large number of transactions
  • You can connect LAN and Bluetooth terminals with the cash register system


In addition to payment card services, you get these benefits

  • Free maintenance and repair of the POS terminal
  • 24h customer support line
  • Free training and guidance documents
  • Flexible reporting solutions for easy accounting

How to start?

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  • Answers about technical implementation
  • Explanation about different pricing options

Interested in collecting payments online?

Most customers-preferred payments solutions in one place.

  • Mastercard and Visa cards
  • Payment initiation service from major Baltic banks
  • PayPal payments