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List of underlying assets of life insurance policies with investment risk

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With fund unit exchange, no purchase or sale fee is calculated.

  ISIN Pricing day Value date
Strategy funds
SEB Strategy Balanced LU0660786715 T+3 T+4
SEB Strategy Defensive LU0486618746 T+3 T+4
SEB Strategy Growth LU0660787010 T+3 T+4
SEB Strategy Opportunity LU0660786806 T+3 T+4
Bond funds
SEB Corporate Bond Fund EUR LU0133008952 T+1 T+2
SEB Danish Mortgage Bond Fund LU0337316391 T+2 T+3
SEB Dynamic Bond Fund LU0979738571 T+1 T+2
SEB Global High Yield Fund LU0456547701 T+2 T+3
SEB Short Bond Fund EUR LU0088160774 T+1 T+2
Equity funds
SEB Asia ex. Japan Fund LU0011900676 T+2 T+3
SEB Concept Biotechnology fund LU0385485148 T+1 T+2
SEB Eastern Europe Small and Mid Cap Fund LU0086828794 T+2 T+3
SEB Emerging Markets Fund LU0037256269 T+3 T+4
SEB Global Exposure Fund LU0047324644 T+2 T+3
SEB Europe Equity Fund LU0030166507 T+2 T+3
SEB Global Chance/Risk Fund LU0122113094 T+1 T+2
SEB Global Fund LU0030158231 T+1 T+2
SEB Medical Fund LU0047324214 T+1 T+2
SEB Nordic Equity Fund LU0030165871 T+2 T+3
SEB Nordic Small Cap Fund LU0385664312 T+2 T+3
SEB Technology Fund C LU0427864466 T+1 T+2
SEB US All Cap LU0030166176 T+1 T+2
Alternative funds
SEB Asset Selection Fund LU0256624742 T+1 T+2
SEB Listed Private Equity Fund LU0385668222 T+1 T+2
Cash, interest rate 0% Cash is kept on insurer’s SEB Bank account. Policyholder carries the other party’s risk. This means that upon insovency of SEB Bank the insurer will not remunerate cash kept in underlying assets. It will also not be remunerated from deposit guarantee sectoral fund created in accordance with the Guarantee Fund Act.


T transaction start date. If transaction order is forwarded after 12:00 or on a weekend or a holiday, the following business day will be considered as transaction start date.
Pricing day day when the price is determined for the fund unit being purchased or sold
Value date transaction settlement date, when disbursement is made and transaction fees are calculated. If transaction includes several fund units, the latest value date is considered as transaction settlement date.

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