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Current account

Current account

A start for daily banking services for companies

  • Opening a current account via a video meeting
  • Convenient Internet Bank for Business
  • Flexible settlements
  • Selection of accounts based on needs

Current account is the basic bank account, to which nearly all of our provided services are tied. A current account enables you to make payments, get an overview of movement of funds, use bankcards and withdraw cash.

To a start-up account, you can make a deposit, necessary for the establishment of the company. Based on a consolidation account, you will see the financial state of all the current accounts of the company at a time. Current accounts of subsidiaries can be grouped and merged with the help of a cash pool account.

Open a bank account for a company:

Current account is the most common bank account. The money of your company is safe there and our flexible services help you use it according to your needs.

A current account enables you to:

  • make payments in electronic bank channels or offices
  • receive domestic and cross-border payments
  • transfer money to your account by bank transfer or in cash
  • withdraw cash from ATM or bank office
  • obtain account information from electronic channels or bank office
  • use bankcards, and Internet Bank
  • sign standing payment order contracts in Internet Bank or at a bank office
  • receive cross-border payments either converted into euros or in the received a foreign currency
  • draw cheques at an office
  • use letters of credit and documentary collection settlements.

Opening a current account

  • We offer companies the option to open a current account via a video meeting or at an SEB branch
  • You may open the current account without initial deposit, in euros and in currencies, quoted by the bank
  • The bank transfers the calculated interest to the current account once a year, by 5 January of the following year. Interest is paid to a current account with different currencies based on the interest rates established by the bank.
  • Additional accounts may be opened later via Internet bank.

We only start client relationships with legal persons who have a connection to Estonia. In the case of business clients, this connection can be the following:

  • owners of the legal person who are residents of Estonia;
  • business activity that is connected to Estonia (e.g. production units, clients, or contractual partners situated in Estonia);
  • investments in Estonia (real estate).

If the members of the management board of the company are non- residents, you will be asked to submit documents proving the company’s connection to Estonia. You may submit partnership agreements or rental agreements which prove that the company actually operates in the given location.

We make a decision regarding the opening of an account for non-resident legal persons within ten working days.

Any questions regarding the opening of an account for non-residents can be sent to .

Terms and conditions of current account agreement

For the establishment of a foundation or commercial undertaking you can open a start-up account, where you will transfer the money delivered to the foundation or make monetary contributions for the share capital of the commercial undertaking.

You can open the start-up account electronically on the e-foundation page of companies or at our branch. If you open the start-up account at a branch, you must submit to the bank a notarised foundation agreement (in case of several founders) or foundation resolution (in case of one founder).

Special features of a start-up account

  • A start-up account may not be used for making disbursements or transfers.
  • After the company is entered to the Commercial Register, you can replace the start-up account with a current account and start using the funds transferred to the start-up account.

An e-Resident card does not give a person Estonian residency, but the right to use digital services available in Estonia. Additionally, merely owning an e-Resident card is not a sufficient connection to Estonia.

Non-residents who are clients of SEB can use their e-Resident cards in the Internet Banks for both private and business clients, as well as digitally sign documents.

Private person  
1. Current account opening (1) free of charge
2. Handling fee of documents submitted for current account opening (2)  
- resident of Estonia free of charge
- resident of EEA member state free of charge
- resident of another country (except EEA member state) EUR 250
3. Current account monthly fee (3,4,5)  
- resident of Estonia EUR 0,30
- resident of EEA member state EUR 0,30
- resident of another country (except EEA member state) EUR 5
4. Investment account opening free of charge
5. Pension Investment Account opening free of charge
Legal entity  
1. Current account opening (1) free of charge
2. Handling fee of documents submitted for current account opening (2)  
- resident of Estonia, except for legal persons registered in Estonia,  represented by a non-resident or whose ownership structure or ultimate beneficial owners include a non-resident free of charge
- resident of EEA member state, including legal persons registered in Estonia, represented by a non-resident or whose ownership structure or ultimate beneficial owners include a non-resident EUR 500
- resident of another country (except EEA member state) EUR 750
3. Current account monthly fee (3,4,6)  
- resident of Estonia EUR 1
- resident of EEA member state EUR 20
- resident of another country (except EEA member state) EUR 60
4. Monthly account management fee for payment and e-money institutions (7) EUR 500
5. Start-up account opening (1) free of charge
6. Opening current account in in other SEB Group bank EUR 150 + mail fees
7. Account balance fee (8)  
     - EUR, starting from balance of EUR 1,000,000 ECB deposit facility rate
     - SEK, starting from balance of SEK 9,500,000 Sveriges Riksbank repo rate
     - DKK, starting from balance of DKK 7,500,000 Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of deposit rate
     - CHF, starting from balance of CHF 1,000,000 Swiss National Bank negative interest rate

(1) Upon opening the account is given a account card (for legal entity - with account card is cash deposit in marked account - 0,4% of the amount, min. EUR 5.
- Account card upon opening the account – free of charge
- Issuing extra account card - EUR 0.64 per card.
(2) The bank starts handling of documents after the handling fee of documents has been paid The fee is not returned if the bank decides not to open the account. The fee is not applied to the opening of each subsequent current account.
(3) Monthly fee is not charged for the account opening month, if the account is opened after the 15th day of the month.
(4) Monthly fee is not applied to clients of SEB Plans. Monthly fee is charged in full amount for the month, when the plan ends.
(5) Monthly fee is not applied to clients, who are younger than 19 years of age (incl.) or older than 65 years of age (incl.).
(6) Current account monthly fee for legal entities does not apply to the payment and e-money institutions.
(7) Monthly account management fee is applied on client basis (does not depend on the number of accounts).
(8) When calculating the fee, the total balance of all current accounts of the client in the given currency will be taken into account.
The fee will be calculated at the end of each calendar day on the positive end-of-day balance, exceeding the limit, specified for the respective currency. The fee is calculated based on the actual number of calendar days in a month and a year of 360 days.
The fee is debited from the current account in the first decade of a calendar month for the previous month.
The client is notified of the application of a fee with a personal notification at least 10 working days in advance.

Open a bank account for a company

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