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  • News - 26.05.2017

    Priit Kallas: behind the success of Iglusauna is a high price

    A great deal of the success of Iglusauna brand outdoor and living space saunas was achieved with the decision to emphasise quality on the international market, and not price, said Priit Kallas, manager of the marketing and cooperation projects of Iglusauna, at the conference Innovation Lab 2017.

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  • News - 22.05.2017

    SEB: Merchants at summer fairs prefer smart terminals

    Merchants at summer fairs and other popular events are increasingly using smart terminals this year as buyers are showing a clear preference for card payments and, on top of that, such equipment has become more user-friendly. A mobile smart terminal that fits in the pocket and works both on a smart phone or tablet allows acceptance of card payments anywhere with data communication facilities.

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  • News - 19.05.2017

    Housework and entertainment are the main cause of accidents during the summer months

    The insurance statistics of SEB Elu- ja pensionikindlustus reveal that summer accidents are most often the result of falls from motorcycles and bicycles, as well as active recreational summer activities. On average, an accident causes a person to be away from work for 43 days, and the average compensation per accident is EUR 600.

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  • News - 17.05.2017

    IT maintenance works at SEB on 19 May to 21 May

    Due to IT maintenance works on Friday, 19 May, from 5.30 pm to Sunday, 21 May 12.00 am there will be interruptions in the work of SEB Private and Business Client Internet Bank, Telephone Bank, Mobile Bank and other electronic channels. Card payments and ATMs will continue to operate as normal.

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  • News - 16.05.2017

    The number of Smart-ID users in Estonia and the other Baltic states is growing

    More than 15,000 clients of SEB are using the new authentication tool Smart-ID to log in to the Internet bank. In total, there are almost 45,000 Smart-ID users in Estonia.

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  • News - 12.05.2017

    Allan Parik: the new goal in entrepreneurship is tenfold growth

    The world’s most valuable enterprises have experienced immense growth during the decade, not measured in percentages but in folds, which should be the new goal, said Allan Parik, Chairman of the Management Board of SEB, at the Conference Innovation Lab 2017 held in Tallinn.

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