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ISIC – take your bank card personally

  • Verifies your status as a student/pupil.
  • Usable as a public transport card.
  • Contactless payments of up to 25 euros can be made.
  • Thousands of discounts in Estonia and abroad

SEB's clients can have all debit cards delivered to their home by mail. ISIC has no issue fee until 31 October 2019.

If you are no longer a student, read more about SEB's debit card options.




The Youth Plan is useful with the bank card

You can save hundreds of euros on service fees by selecting the right plan. With the Youth Plan, all important bank services cost 0.32 euros per month:

  • cards
  • transfers
  • numerous everyday bank services


Partner offers for SEB ISIC cardholders

A delicious meal with Wolt

First-time users of Wolt receive a €7 discount from the first home delivery with the code SEBISIC. The code is valid until the end of the year and the credit is available on the account for 30 days after it is entered.


MyFitness will make you move

With SEB's ISIC, joining MyFitness online is free and those who join as part of MyFitness's autumn campaign (16 September – 30 October) receive a campaign gift.


CityBee's electric scooters are ready to roll

Discover the city with Citybee's electric scooters CityBee will give €5 of riding credit for new cardholders of SEB's ISIC.

When ordering an ISIC card, SEB will send you an e-mail with promotional codes for partner offers.



How to kick-start you business?

Follow SEB on Instagram for tips @seb.eesti

How to kick-start you business?

Follow SEB on Instagram for tips @seb.eesti


The Digital Coin Jar will make it easy to save money

The Digital Coin Jar is a solution for saving money which rounds up card payments to the full euro and transfers the difference between the rounded and paid sum from your current account to the savings deposit. This way, the money in your savings deposit will grow gradually, but consistently.



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    Submit a card application


    Pick up your new card from SEB branch



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