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What is the account information service and how to use it?

In September, we started updating the home page of the Internet Bank for private individuals. The changes will gradually allow all clients to use the new account information service. That means you will have an opportunity to link your account from another bank to the SEB Internet Bank. At the moment, you can link Swedbank’s current accounts, but hopefully, more service providers will join as we move forward. The aim is to expand the service to SEB business clients during September.

Linking your account to the SEB Internet Bank allows you to easily manage your financial matters in one place. As for now, if you link your account from another bank, the SEB Internet Bank will display its account balance, the transaction list of the last 90 days, and the account details (such as IBAN). The future stages of the account information service will include the option of making payments from the linked account and displaying transactions from a longer period of time.

The following actions must be taken to link an account from another bank to the SEB Internet Bank:
1. Select the bank from which you wish to link an account to the SEB Internet Bank.
2. Examine the terms and conditions carefully and sign the general information about the account information service.
3. Authenticate yourself in the bank from which you wish to display accounts in the SEB Internet Bank.
4. Select the accounts and the duration of the consent (up to 90 days).
5. Sign your consent digitally.
6. The account information will be visible in the SEB Internet Bank until the duration of the consent expires.

When you begin linking your account from another bank to the SEB Internet Bank, all the required actions will appear on your screen step by step, which allows you to complete the process of linking an account easily and conveniently. In the mobile app, you can add an account from another bank by entering the full version of the Internet Bank from the menu.

In relation to the account information service, the following changes will appear on the home page of the SEB Internet Bank:
• The button to link an account from another bank will appear on the main page.
• The button to add accounts will appear on the account overview page.
• There will be a new Internet Bank menu item ‘Queries’ -> ‘Managing service provider consents’, where the list of all the linked accounts will be displayed and where you can add, update, and refresh consents.

Security is an important concern regarding the account information service, so we wish to emphasise that your data is protected and account information will only be given if you have provided the respective consent. The maximum validity period of the consent is 90 days and if you wish to continue to display an account from another bank in the SEB Internet Bank, you can update your consent accordingly.

Account information service is part of Single European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), pubclicly also known as open banking.

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