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Varia - 20.11.2019

Virtual advisor – modern and fast assistant

Virtual advisor – modern and fast assistant Chatbot replies immediately

As technologies improve, the way customers communicate with enterprises change. Most businesses can be reached remotely, for example, by phone or e-mail. However, it is becoming increasingly important for customers to receive answers immediately. That is why Virtual advisor or Chatbot has joined SEB and will provide instant answers to customer questions 24/7.

Virtual advisor strives to make the daily lives of customers and SEB employees more convenient. Since on many occasions customers seek help about different daily services of SEB, such as blocking a bank card or changing payment limits, artificial intelligence (AI) can be taught how to deal with these scenarios. In cases where Chatbot does not understand the question or cannot answer it fully, it will offer to redirect customer to a human employee of SEB.

Virtual advisor is available through the regular chat window on SEB’s homepage on any device. As Chatbot only provides general answers about SEB’s products and services, there is no need to enter any personal data or codes. However, Virtual advisor provides link to log in to the internet bank, where customer can authenticate to, for example, order a new payment card. As usual, to switch from a chat with Virtual advisor to human employee, customer will be asked to provide e-mail and name.

Constantly developing

Currently Chatbot is best able to answer questions about SEB’s cards, loans and different service channels. Nevertheless, Virtual advisor’s range of topics will be expanded.

Special Chatbot trainers in SEB constantly teach it new topics, improve answers provided to customers and keep the information about banking products and services up-to-date.

Increasingly important assistant

Although Chatbots are becoming significant assistants of leading companies only recently, the service’s history is quite long. The first Chatbot was created in 1966. It was intelligent enough to trick people into thinking that they are talking with a person. However, the technology did not pass the launch test and was not fully developed.

First Virtual advisor was developed much later – in 1994. But first modern Chatbot is Siri, which iPhone users are very well acquainted with. Siri at first was available as an app, but in 2011 it was built into iPhone 4S.

In the following years development of Chatbots continued. Nowadays one of the most popular Chatbots is Amazon’s Alexa. It is a loudspeaker that you can ask to play music, create a to-do list, forecast weather, and control other smart devices at home. 

Chatbots are expected to become increasingly popular. There is no shortage of people who predict that Chatbots are the next technological revolution since the introduction of world wide web and mobile internet.

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