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Your money today and in the future


Do you want to save money for your children? Do you want to save for a major purchase so you don’t have to borrow? Do you want to secure your retirement or reduce risks? The professional advisers of SEB can offer solutions that are the best for you.


We made investing in shares 

even more affordable

US and European stock exchange transactions 0,14%, min 9 eurot.*
Holding a portfolio of up to € 35,000 is free of charge.
Trading with Baltic stocks is 0,1%, min 1 euro.

*Take a look at the new pricelist

  • Investment funds

    Investment funds are a good solution if you are looking for higher rates of return than offered by deposits and realise that they involve higher risks. You must also have enough time before you need to use the money again.

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  • Securities accounts

    In order to carry out securities transactions, you need to open a securities account. You can open a securities account of the Baltic or the bank’s internal securities account.

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  • Investment account

    Investment account

    Starting from 2011, a private individual can postpone taxation of investment income by using an investment account. For that purpose, the transactions with financial assets must be made through an investment account only.

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  • Shares and ETF-s

    Shares and ETF-s

    Growing the value of your investments requires good analytical skills, knowledge, and experience. Historically, equity markets have offered the highest rate of return, at the same time equity investments are generally also with a higher risk than investment funds.

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  • Life insurance

    Looking after our loved ones is something natural, something we do every day. Life insurance makes it possible for our loved ones to cope when we are unable to look after them ourselves.

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  • Pension

    Start saving for your pension now, as the money you save may double over every ten years. Give yourself the chance to start enjoying your retirement ten years earlier.

    The second pension pillar
    The third pension pillar
    SEB pension investment account



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