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NEWS - 21. December 2020 09:00

Security requirements for online card payments will become stricter from January

From 1 January 2021, payer authentication will become mandatory for online card purchases in Europe. This means that authentication of online card payments, which has been common in Estonia for many years, will become a pan-European standard that both buyers and sellers must take into account.

At the beginning of the new year, the security requirements for making online card payments will become stricter than before. From now on, all card-issuing banks in Europe that accept card payments must support securely authenticated payments. At the beginning of 2021, therefore, it may happen that in an online store where payments could be made by only entering the card number previously, additional authentication must now be performed in your Internet Bank, which requires a working authentication tool (Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID-card, PIN calculator). SEB recommends that its clients have at least two authentication tools that can be used to replace each other if necessary.

‘In the Baltics, additional authentication of online card payments is already a daily operation. From now on, however, secure authentication components will also be added to the use of recurring payment services and SEB’s mobile application. The purpose of implementing additional authentication measures is to create a purchasing environment that is safer for us all.

In order to ensure a convenient and quick payment process, banks may still implement some risk-based approaches, which is also supported by SEB Pank. All transactions do not require strong authentication,’ commented Annika Kipso, the Risk Manager of Baltic Card Products at SEB.

‘As according to the latest data, ever fewer online stores operating in Europe have not managed to implement the secure authentication solution properly, there might be situations as of the beginning of 2021 when the bank is obligated to interrupt transactions initiated at those retailers. In case of disruptions in online shopping, we always encourage people to turn to the bank for additional information,’ Annika Kipso added.

The requirements of the European Payment Services Directive apply to service providers in the European Economic Area and to transactions within the European Economic Area. Online stores operating outside Europe are not subject to the requirements. Nevertheless, many online stores have voluntarily switched to a more secure payment environment.

We recommend that you always be careful when buying from online stores. The website where you enter your bank card information must be secure. Make sure you are on the actual page of the online store, not a copy of it. Before making a purchase, read the terms and conditions of purchase and return, as well as other consumers’ comments about this merchant. 

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