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NEWS - 9. September 2019 14:50

SEB private clients can now view their Swedbank accounts in the internet bank

As of September, SEB private clients can add their Swedbank account data to their internet bank. The update provides an opportunity to view one’s account balance and statements in SEB internet bank. Soon, the same opportunity will be available for business clients. In the future, an opportunity to initiate payments from these accounts will also be added.

“From today, SEB private clients can also check their Swedbank account balance from our internet bank, as well as transactions made in the past 90 days. In the future, a client can also initiate their Swedbank account payments from SEB internet bank. The homepage that displays the accounts allows the client to have a better overview of their everyday financial matters, so that in the future, a SEB client will not need to log in to a different internet bank for their everyday banking operations - it will be possible to perform all the necessary banking operations via SEB internet bank. These are the first steps towards the comfort and simplicity provided by the newly opened banking environment. We suggest that our clients definitely use these new opportunities,” said Ainar Leppänen, Head of SEB Retail Banking Area.

To tie another bank’s account to SEB internet bank, the following operations are necessary:

  1. Choose a suitable bank, the account of which you wish to tie with SEB internet bank (at the moment only Swedbank accounts are suitable).
  2. Sign to confirm having read the general information about the service.
  3. Authenticate yourself in the bank where the accounts you wish to view in SEB internet bank are held.
  4. Choose the accounts and the duration of the consent (maximum 90 days).
  5. Sign your consent digitally. 
  6. Account data is visible in SEB internet bank until the expiration date of the consent.

When adding an account with another bank in SEB internet bank, all the necessary steps are displayed on the screen step by step, making the process of adding an account easy and comfortable from start to finish. With the new functionality, the internet bank homepage will also be gradually changed. This is necessary in order to provide SEB clients with a more user-friendly experience when managing their accounts.

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