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INVESTMENT NEWS - 4. September 2019 13:55

Notice about the voluntary takeover bid of the shares of AS Baltika

KJK Fund SICAV-SIF makes a voluntary takeover bid to acquire the equities of AS Baltika (EE3100145616) at a purchase price of 0.10 euros per equity.

Transaction orders can be submitted until 12 p.m. on 2 October 2019.

Before making a transaction, please be sure to check out the stock exchange notice and prospectus regarding the voluntary takeover bid at:

Orders can be submitted at a bank office and in the Internet bank (Investments  Transactions with another person):

  • Securities (ISIN): Baltika aktsia (ISIN EE3100145616
  • Transaction type: sale
  • Transaction settlement: payment
  • Price: 0.10 euros
  • Name of the counterparty: do not fill in
  • Securities account of the counterparty: do not fill in
  • Manager of the securities account of the counterparty: takeover bid for the equities of Baltika (Baltika aktsiate ülevõtmispakkumine)
  • Transaction date: (date of order)
  • Value date of the transaction: 11 October 2019

Important information 

The prior information about the corporate event is informative and concise. The information provided should not be considered a securities offer, investment advice, recommendation, or an obligation imposed on you by AS SEB Pank to buy or sell securities or make any other transactions. Before making any decision on the basis of this information, please review all the materials related to the offer and the risks associated with participating in the offer. We also recommend thoroughly analysing the possible financial, legal, regulatory, accounting, and tax issues. AS SEB Pank is not responsible for any consequences that may accompany you giving an order on the sole basis of the above information, including if your participation in the corporate event is prohibited under the terms of the offer or depends of the fulfilment of certain prerequisites by you, or if you forward the prior information to third parties, whose participation in the corporate event is prohibited or depends on the fulfilment of certain prerequisites.

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