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NEWS - 15. May 2019 10:50

The most successful fintechs in the Nordic-Baltic region are set to meet at the SEB Innovation Centre

Lighthouse, a development programme for SEB and MasterCard fintechs, will pick 15 of the best fintech companies in the Baltics and the Nordic countries on Wednesday.

Baltic fintechs participating in the programme, which was started in Tallinn in the spring, included the credit assistant chatbot askRobin (Estonia/Latin America); Basis ID (Estonia/Singapore/Switzerland), a system for the administration of customer data and identification of money laundering risks; Crassula (Latvia/Estonia), payment infrastructure based on open banking; Paytailor (Estonia/UK), a mobile wallet and payment solution for traders; and Wallester (Estonia), an innovative card payment platform.

Representatives of ten Danish and Norwegian fintechs will also be present: mobile gift cards DiggEcard; verification platform Diwala; financial literacy training for young people Ernit; mobile payment collection technology GoAppified; investment marketplace Huddlestock; corporate banking service Hufsy; social saving application Spiff; money planner Spiir; anti-theft device for stores Zliide; and artificial intelligence-based investment advisor Quantfolio.

Siim Lepisk, Head of Innovation at SEB, said that a significant part of these companies this time are focused on raising financial awareness: saving money as well as investing. ‘Of course, the majority of the 15 companies offer a wide range of innovation in payment and banking services. Throughout the 3-month programme, companies, in cooperation with banks and other partners, can come to better understand how well they are able to solve user problems and how to make their customers’ habits more financially responsible. Meetings with investors can also lead to investment opportunities,’ added Lepisk.

Fintechs will also take the stage at the Latitude59 conference on Thursday, from 14.30-15.30, at the Tallinn Creative Hub. Next week, the best of the Baltic, Danish and Norwegian companies will be selected to present their ideas at Europe’s largest financial conference, Money20/20, in Amsterdam.

The Lighthouse programme was launched in autumn 2018, in Vilnius, Stockholm and Helsinki. A total of 25 Baltic companies competed in the first round. Lithuania-based Ondato was declared the successful winner of the first round, and was rewarded with meetings with heads of Scandinavian banks and a presentation at the startup festival Slush, with its nearly 20,000 attendees. To date, Ondato has become a profitable company, and another fintech participant in the programme has invested more than EUR 1 million in its expansion.
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