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NEWS - 1. August 2018 10:00

SEB opens an updated investment environment

SEB opened an updated environment in its internet bank to invest in shares and ETFs. The updated environment provides more price information for both domestic and foreign shares as well as exchange-traded funds both live and over a longer period. In addition, the environment enables one to compile a watch list, thus providing a functionally and visually integral experience to investors when making their investment decisions.

The updated internet bank now includes:

  • The option to create a personal watch list for shares and ETFs;
  • Live market information of Baltic shares, including market depths and daily transactions;
  • End of day prices for foreign shares;
  • Separate information pages for each share, which include the share’s price graphics and historical price information.

Kristofer Vähi, Head of the Marketing Department commented on creating the new environment: “Interest in investing and awareness of its usefulness is increasing significantly among Estonians. An increasing number of people are becoming aware that it is not sufficient to simply save money to secure their future or raise their living standards; the value of money also needs to be increased. Across the ocean, among North-Americans or even across the sea among our northern neighbours, it is customary to accumulate wealth in investments. Although the average GDP per capita of OECD countries is about a third higher than in Estonia, the financial assets there are about three and a half times higher. Thus, we have a long way to go, but as the wages and the living standard increase, we see that the deposits grow and thrive as well and there are more funds that can be directed into long-term growth. We believe that the updated and more comprehensive solution in the internet bank encourages beginners to invest and also corresponds to the needs of experienced investors.”

SEB shall continue to further develop the functionality of the investment environment and add options.

Evelin Allas
Communications Manager

Phone +372 665 5649
Mobile +372 511 1718
Address Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn

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