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NEWS - 5. June 2018 16:35

SEB offers a new investment opportunity: investment to a fund and a term deposit with a higher interest

From 4 June to 31 December 2018, we offer our clients an investment solution that includes an investment to a fund and a term deposit with a higher interest. We will only provide this solution to the client if it proves to be appropriate for them during the counselling session.

Ainar Leppänen, Head of the Retail Banking and Technology Division of SEB: ‘Often, clients want to invest their free funds for a longer or shorter period, but do not have the information to make the right investment decisions. In this case, we ask our clients to come to a counselling session, either at a branch of the bank or via a video meeting. Together with a private advisor, the client’s current economic situation will be reviewed, investment goals will be set for the future, and the client’s risk tolerance will be determined. SEB’s new solution is an exciting opportunity for those clients who are currently mainly saving but are considering investing, as well as for those who are already investing but want to deposit money at the same time.’

The client can use the new investment solution if a fund investment to one of the following funds proves to be appropriate during the counselling session and the client makes an investment in the amount specified in the personal recommendation.

  • SEB Strategy Balanced;
  • SEB Strategy Opportunity;
  • SEB Strategy Growth;
  • SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund; or
  • SEB Global Chance/Risk Fund.

The investment solution includes a fund investment to an appropriate fund in the amount specified in the recommendation and a term deposit with a higher interest in the amount of the fund shares acquired on the basis of the fund recommendation. The term deposit can be opened for six months (180 days) at the interest rate of 0.6% or on an annual basis or twelve months (360 days) at the interest rate of 0.7% on an annual basis.

While clients are always free to acquire fund units without concluding a term deposit agreement, conclusion of a term contract with a special interest rate is only possible by meeting the terms and conditions presented in this offer.

Pre-transaction information regarding the fees and expenses accompanying the acquisition of fund units is available to clients on the SEB Pank website at The client will incur no fees when concluding a term contract with a special interest rate.

We would like to direct the client’s attention to the following:

  • in the case of a term deposit the deposited amount and the agreed upon interest will be returned to the client on the maturity date of the deposit;
  • by acquiring fund units the client is investing in securities. Preservation of the sum invested in fund units is not guaranteed, since the value of the investment may rise or fall, with the investment producing a corresponding profit or loss;
  • the interest and return earnt from the sale of a term deposit and fund units are subject to income tax. The income tax liability may be deferred by using an investment account.

The usual terms and conditions of products, which are published on our website, apply to the acquisition of funds and the conclusion of a term deposit contract.

Important information
The interest on the term deposit is shown on an annual basis. For example, if you deposit 1,000 euros for 12 months at an annual interest rate of 0.7%, you will earn 7 euros after the due date. However, if you deposit 1,000 euros for 6 months at an annual interest rate of 0.6%, you will earn 3 euros after the due date.

The information provided here is not to be considered investment advice, investment recommendation, or an auxiliary investment service. Before making investment decisions, we recommend thoroughly analysing the financial, legal, regulatory, and tax-related issues of the planned investment, as well as consider the risks associated with the investment and the relevance and suitability of the investment. If necessary, we recommend asking for a more detailed explanation from professional tax and investment advisers. General information on both investing and securities is available on the website of AS SEB Pank at

More detailed information on the activities of each fund, including fund conditions, public offering prospectus, key information or simplified prospectus, financial statements, and other relevant information are available on the website of AS SEB Pank at Before making an investment decision, please read carefully the information and documents about the fund published on the above-mentioned website.

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