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NEWS - 8. March 2017 11:05

Starting from 8 March, SEB Internet Bank login will also be possible using Smart-ID

As of 8 March, every SEB Pank customer will be able to try out a new electronic means of personal identification – Smart-ID, which will operate not only in Estonia, but also in Latvia and Lithuania. With the new app – which is available for download from Google Play and soon will be in App Store – the user’s smart device is sufficient means for the authentication of the person and for signing.

The idea behind Smart-ID is to offer a simple and fast identification solution for those who find the Mobile-ID or ID-card options to not be fast or convenient enough. Smart-ID is not connected to the SIM-card and using it simply requires installation of a new app. This is why using the Smart-ID is easy and affordable for every smart phone user.

The purpose of the Smart-ID is to replace the code card, use of which is still prevalent on the market

The new means of authentication was launched with the goal of replacing the code card. The use of the code card has already become increasingly limited due to its EUR 200 daily transfer limit. Starting from 2018, the use of code cards will be limited even more owing to the requirements arising from European Union directives. This is why switching to a new means of authentication is advisable purely in terms of everyday convenience.

Smart-ID is a simple, handy and secure way for logging into the Internet Bank as well as for using other e-services. The first to adopt the use of Smart-ID in Estonia were Starman, Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp and e-Kool. The number of Smart-ID users in the Baltics has already exceeded 25,000.

You can get acquainted with the new app via video.

More thorough information about the app is available on its homepage.

For further questions please call us on 665 5100 or contact us via Skype (username seb.eesti) or send a message from the Internet Bank under menu “Contact” → “Write to customer service”.

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