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NEWS - 20. June 2012 13:23

Estonia earns fifth world record

On 16 June, Estonia earned its fifth valid official Guinness world record (Guinness World Records™) when in eight hours, 412 employees of SEB composed the largest mosaic picture in the world made entirely of coins. A bank card is depicted on the coin mosaic.

“The courage to set a world record came from the longstanding tradition of the employees of SEB to annually undertake a collective project that seems impossible to implement. At the same time, our record achievement carried a much broader idea than simply testing the team spirit of our employees. By depicting a bank card with coins as one of the oldest means of payment still in use, we wished to illustrate the development of means of payment over time. Over the past few years, the development of e-banking in Estonia has been very fast, and cash has been surpassed by electronic means of payment,” Riho Unt, the Manager of SEB noted.

To achieve the world record, 412 employees of SEB created a mosaic picture composed of 53,757 coins, in eight hours. The nominal values used were 5- and 10-cent coins and the piece of art weighed a total of 219 kilos. The mosaic picture depicting a bank card covered an area of 20 square metres (side lengths 5.67 × 3.55 metres). By using coins of different colours, a QR-code was also successfully created on the mosaic. By scanning it, the viewer can participate in a little quiz.

The official representative of Guinness World Records was present at the event, monitoring the adherence of the record-making process to requirements. After measuring the record attempt, the record was registered and SEB was presented with the official Guinness World Record certificate. The event marketing company Royal Service assisted in the implementation of the event.

A 3-minute video summary of the world-record making performance can be seen here:

Photos of the event can be viewed here:

For more information:

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