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Paperless service

Paperless service

Faster, more convenient, and sustainable service at the branch

  • Documents are signed digitally
  • Overview of all transactions in the Internet Bank
  • Chance to observe the whole transaction process on a touch screen

Now the client and the bank no longer have to archive papers! When using the paper free service it is possible to sign all documents digitally, and they are all saved in the Internet Bank. 

What is paper free service?
Since the beginning of 2013 we have been offering a completely new and very convenient service experience, during which the client can sign the documents accompanying transactions digitally, using an ID-card or mobile ID, and the documents and contracts are in turn archived in the client’s Internet Bank. We can also send the documents via email, if required. The whole process is made particularly pleasing, because the customer can see the transaction process, view product terms and conditions, and sign all the documents with the push of only a few buttons on the touch screen.

What does the paper free service give the customer?
For the customer, paper free service shall make bank transactions much more convenient, because confirming different transactions and signing contracts no longer involves pages of paper. All signed documents are saved in the Internet Bank, where they are easy to find.

Why are we doing this?
The survey showed that our tellers currently print out approximately 400,000 pages per month, which is equivalent to 24 tonnes of paper per year. Production of this quantity of paper requires about 650 trees, in addition to energy and water costs. Therefore, it is primarily an initiative that saves the environment and broadens one’s way of thinking, but we see equivalent benefits in making the service process significantly more convenient and of course in reducing the costs of document archiving.

Which SEB branches provide paper free service?
We offer paperless service in our branches all over Estonia.

As a client, what do I need to know if I want paper free service in a branch?
To use paper free service, you need to take with you
a) an Estonian ID-card with valid certificates and know your PIN codes
b) mobile phone that has activated mobile ID or qualified signature level Smart-ID.

More information on means of authentication

1. Is it no longer possible to receive contracts on paper?
You can still always sign a contract on paper. Digitally signed document is only valid in a digital environment which means that it is not valid as an original when printed out. All contracts shall be saved in the client’s Internet Bank, under “Digital documents” where they are always easily accessible.

2. Do I have to use paper free service when I come to the branch?
No, using the paper free service is voluntary. When you visit a branch, you can decide whether you wish to make the transactions normally or you want to try the new paper free service solution. However, we encourage all the clients to try the paper free service – this way we spend less paper together and you can monitor the service process better via the screen.

3. Does paper free service mean that there is no teller anymore?
No, when you come to the branch, a client executive will still be waiting for you at the service counter, giving you necessary advice and describing the transaction process. Unlike the regular service process, you have a touch screen in front of you where you can observe the transaction process, read terms and conditions, and sign documents. The signing is digital with ID-card or mobile ID.

4. Does the paper free service process include any risks associated with identifying the person (for example, due to the abuse of stolen ID-card, mobile ID, or other misuse)?
Identifying the client follows the same requirements in paper free service as currently followed in the branch, meaning that the verification of identity is done with a document photo, not only PIN1. If the client wishes to sign the transaction using mobile ID, he has the obligation to present an identity document.

5. Can I now perform all bank transactions as paper free transactions?
All bank transactions cannot be performed as paper-free transactions. Primarily, you can digitally conduct transactions associated with private and business clients’ everyday banking, for example, transactions with accounts, deposits, and packages as well as payments.

6. Where can I see my digitally signed documents?
All digitally signed documents can be found in the client’s Internet Bank (go to “Digital documents” in the menu), in which documents related to bank transactions, such as signed contracts, are saved. Digitally signed documents can be viewed in the Internet Bank only if the customer has signed in with ID-card or Mobile-ID.

Smart-ID – a smart way to identify yourself!

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