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Mobile ID is the easiest way of logging in to the Internet Bank

  • Convenient. The ID card is always in your mobile phone.
  • Easy. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and mobile signal, and it works abroad as well.
  • Safe.

You can use Mobile ID to log in to the Internet Bank and give your digital signature. Similarly to the ID card, Mobile ID gives you access to many electronic services in Estonia.

How to use Mobile ID

You do not need a separate card reader to use Mobile ID. You can use it with any computer with an Internet connection. Mobile ID works in every place where you can get a mobile signal, including abroad.

  • Select the option of logging in to the Internet Bank with Mobile ID after entering your user ID.
  • You will then receive a text message on your mobile phone, which asks you to enter PIN 1 of Mobile ID.
  • Enter the correct PIN to complete the login.
  • You have to enter PIN 2 of Mobile ID to confirm transactions.

Mobiil-id sisenen 1
Mobiil-id sisenemine 2Mobiil-ID sisenemine 3

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to Mobile ID at any branch of your mobile operator (EMT, Elisa or Tele2).

  • You can sign the contract with a private or corporate client’s mobile number.
  • Take your valid ID card with you. It is important that the certificates of your ID be valid and that you remember your PINs, as you need them to activate the Mobile ID service. You can renew them in the nearest post office if necessary.
  • If your mobile number belongs to a company, then bring a power of attorney signed by the company’s representative or issued on the company’s letterhead, which allows you to sign a Mobile ID contract.
    Clients of EMT are an exception – if you are prepared to pay the monthly fee for Mobile ID yourself, then you don’t need a power of attorney to sign a Mobile ID contract in respect of a company’s mobile number.
  • After you have signed the Mobile ID contract, you have to activate the service at

Further information about Mobile ID is available at

You can also read more about Mobile ID on the website of your mobile operator:

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