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Cross-border receivables

The speed of receiving a cross-border payment depends on the type of payment, selected by the remitter, the country of location and currency.
As a rule, we transfer receivables to your account on the same banking day until 4 p.m.
SEPA receivables will be transferred to your account on the same banking day until 5 p.m.
Starting from 2011, the fee of a domestic ordinary receivable shall apply to euro-payments in amount up to EUR 50,000, received from the EEA member states.

Currency conversion of cross-border receivables

If you receive foreign currency in your current account, the currency will be converted by using the transfer rate, applicable on the settlement day.
If you would like to receive the amount in the currency it was received, then open a current account or a currency interface of your account for the relevant foreign currency in Internet Bank or at a branch.

Declaration of cross-border receivables
According to the regulation of the Bank of Estonia, you must declare all cross-border receivables amounting more than EUR 50,000 (or an equivalent amount in any other foreign currency) in Internet Bank

  • The latest by the last day of the same month, if the funds are received in the account between 1st and 15th of the month
  • The latest by the 15th of the next month, if the funds are received in the account between 16th and 31st of the month

We shall send a reminder to your Internet bank, if you have received any payments to be declared. A note “not declared on time” is automatically added to payments not declared in time and the relevant information is sent to the Bank of Estonia.

Payment requisites

Beneficiary Customer Full name and precise address of the beneficiary
Beneficiary’s Account/Beneficiary’s IBAN Beneficiary’s international bank account number in SEB.
Beneficiary’s Bank AS SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
Beneficiary’s Bank SWIFT/BIC code EEUHEE2X
Beneficiary’s Bank Correspondent SWIFT/BIC code SEB’s correspondent bank according to the currency of the payment
List of correspondent banks




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