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Valuable solutions at respectable age

Senior client

We offer you valuable comprehensive solutions meant for older people, which make taking care of your everyday money matters easier for you. Please visit us at your nearest bank branch or the Post Bank in your nearest post office to talk about the different options.

Senior Plan

Senior Plan is a settlements plan designed specially for you, which contains all main banking products and services. Everyday banking transactions are just EUR 0.32 in a month for Senior Clients who have subscribed to the Senior Plan!
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Pharmacy bankcard

Pharmacy bankcard offers you more than your current card, as it guarantees you discounts in BENU and Apteek1 pharmacies in addition to being an ordinary bankcard. The card is free for  Senior Plan Client.
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BENU Pharmacy Client Newsletter

The monthly BENU Pharmacy Client Newsletter gives you an overview of valid special offers and gives you advice about looking after your health.


The safest option is to keep your money in your personal bank account. It pays to bring the savings you keep at home to the bank, so it can earn you some interest in a deposit. You can easily open a deposit in the Internet Bank. Come to your nearest branch for a consultation if you would like to consult a specialist before you sign a deposit contract.
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Pension paid to bank account

Your pension is your monthly income. The safest option is to keep your money in a bank account. Please visit your nearest SEB branch if your pension is not paid to an account in SEB yet. We will help you fill in the application for having your pension transferred to your bank account and deliver it to the Pension Board free of charge. Your pension for the next month will already be safely waiting for you in your personal account, ready to be withdrawn whenever you need some money.



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