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Contactless function

Activating contactless payments

  • With a new contactless card, the first transaction shall be made at an ATM or POS terminal at the merchant as usual – the card must be entered into the terminal and transaction confirmed with a PIN. After the first chip transaction, the contactless function is activated and it is possible to make contactless payments.
  • You can activate (and deactivate) the contactless function of a debit card in Internet Bank and at a branch.
  • To use contactless payments, you need to allow card payments at a company, activate the contactless payment option and determine the suitable limit for contactless payments.

You can make contactless payments

  • if the POS-terminal has the same universal contactless symbol as your card
  • if the purchase amount is less than 150 euros
  • placing the card near the contactless symbol on the POS-terminal and keeping it until the terminal makes a click
  • also in abroad, however the contactless amount allowed may be differ by countries
  • If the amount exceeds 50 euros or the contactless payment does not work, follow the instructions of the POS-terminal and enter your PIN.

Safety of contactless payments

  • To ensure safety, sometimes a payment needs to be confirmed with a PIN.
  • When making the payment, the cardholder must ensure that the correct purchase amount is displayed on the screen of the POS-terminal
  • Do not give your card to anyone, not even to the service attendant
  • When your bankcard is lost, or stolen, it has to be blocked immediately by calling 665 5100

For the Merchant

  • Contactless payments enable fast and convenient service of customers
  • The customer only needs to wave near the contactless symbol on the terminal
  • The terminal will provide clear instructions on the screen on whether the payment was made, rejected or the PIN needs to be entered



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