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PC Banking service Teleteenus

PC Banking service Teleteenus

A service for companies for the execution of payments and management of accounts

  • Payment orders can be transferred to Teleteenus directly from accounting program
  • Separate rights for each user

NOTE! As of 1 February 2014, versions of Teleteenus shall not work without IBAN support; install Teleteenus software with IBAN support onto your computer.

New service agreements cannot be concluded because the service shall be terminated on 1 February 2015.

Instead of Teleteenus, we recommend you to start using either Internet Bank for Business or banking interface.

Instead of Teleteenus, we recommend you to start using either Internet Bank for Business or banking interface.

Teleteenus does not support ISO20022 formats, and in this regard the service shall be terminated from 1 February 2015.

Until 1 February 2015, it is possible to use a version of Teleteenus with IBAN support if you have installed it onto your computer before 1 February 2014.

With Teleteenus you can send to the bank

  • Domestic European payment orders
  • European payments
  • Cross-border payment orders
  • Consolidated payment orders
  • Currency exchange orders
  • Messages in free form

With Teleteenus you can ask from the bank

  • Information about account balance and movements on the account
  • Account statements and credit card statements (upon agreement with the bank)
  • Currency exchange rates of SEB and European Central Bank

The process of Teleteenus

  • You prepare the payment orders and information inquiries on your computer and send them to the bank. You can send the payment orders also to your parent company for accepting.
  • Payment orders can be transferred directly from your accounting program, without manually entering them into Teleteenus.
  • Teleteenus software with IBAN support automatically converts account numbers from the transfer order into the IBAN format before confirming the payment. Account statements will include account numbers in the IBAN format.
  • Payments received by the bank via Teleteenus software are processed in their order of receiving.
  • Upon request, the bank shall issue you a confirmation document for each payment. With the help of Teleteenus, you can print out the payment orders and bring them to the bank for confirmation.

To start using Teleteenus

  • Install Teleteenus software with IBAN support onto your computer
  • For more information and help, contact your client executive or telephone our Customer Support at 665 5100

Each Teleteenus user can be assigned several or all of the following rights

  • Right to enter payment orders
  • Right to view the received information
  • Right to sign payment orders electronically (incl. establishment of a limit, starting from which payments must be signed electronically)
  • Right to send payments to the bank and request information

The data of your company in the Teleteenus software is protected with a password, entered upon start-up of the application. To carry out the transactions, you will establish a connection with the bank, which must be confirmed with a password of the connection or code from the PIN-calculator.


Before starting to use Teleteenus 5.1 (Teleteenus software IBAN version), you need to know the following

  • If you are already a client of Teleteenus, your current Teleteenus passwords for running the new version will remain valid.
  • If you would like to copy all client data from older versions of Teleteenus when upgrading to a more recent version, then use a special conversion programme uuendus.exe, located in the programme folder of the new Teleteenus.
  • In order to start using the Teleteenus 5.1 version, download and run the file “teleteenus5.1.exe”.

View instructions for upgrading to Teleteenus 5.1
View user instructions of Teleteenus

SEB root certificate eypcert.crt.

1. SEB Internet Bank  
sign-up free of charge
2. SEB Internet Bank for Business  
sign-up free of charge
agreement amendment  
-  at a bank Office (1) EUR 10
-  in Internet Bank free of charge
monthly fee free of charge
automatic inquiry from commercial register EUR 2.24
monthly fee for non-resident legal entities registered outside European Economic Area EUR 10
3. SEB mobile app  
   sign-up free of charge
   payment commission fee of the respective payment in an electronic channel
4. Other mobile services  
information inquiries (as per operator’s price list)  
   Telia EUR 0.38
   Elisa EUR 0.26
   TELE2 EUR 0.26
5. Express notification  
agreement conclusion, amendment, termination free of charge
notification by SMS message EUR 0.20 per message
notification by e-mail free of charge
6. Standing payment order  
agreement conclusion, amendment free of charge
agreement cancellation free of charge
payment commission fee of the respective payment in an electronic channel
7. Adding predefined payments free of charge
8. E-invoice with automated standing order  
agreement conclusion, amendment, termination free of charge
internal payment EUR 0.08
European ordinary payment (2) EUR 0.19
9. Forwarding of e-invoices (3)  
agreement conclusion EUR 60
agreement amendment EUR 20
agreement monthly maintenance fee EUR 7
monthly fee of the agreement, incl. the use of e-invoice forwarding programme EUR 12
fee for forwarding e-invoices (per every e-invoice sent) EUR 0.15
template designed at company's request –  implementation/ amendment EUR 200
10. Digital coin jar  
agreement conclusion free of charge
monthly maintenance fee free of charge
payment to savings deposit free of charge


11. Bank link   
subscription min EUR 65
transaction fee 1% of transaction value, min EUR 0.13, max EUR 3.20 per transaction
   for Financial intermediation companies EUR 1.28
amendment of agreement EUR 15
authentication (3)  
   subscription EUR 65
   amendment of agreement EUR 15
   monthly maintenance fee EUR 20 or as agreed with the client


12. Payment card servicing in a company  
subscription free of charge
transaction processing fee as per contract
preparation and installation of POS Terminal as agreed with the client free of charge
preparation and installation of the POS Terminal the latest by the next banking day EUR 75
monthly fee of Terminal as agreed with the bank
13. Host to host banking interface  

direct connection

   agreement conclusion EUR 65
  monthly fee min. EUR 50
14. Trading Station  
subscription free of charge
15. Additional services  
issue of a security device  
   - PIN calculator EUR 15
   - ID card reader with keyboard EUR 17
replacement of PIN calculator EUR 8

16. Management of foreign accounts via SEB Estonia’s Internet Bank for Business


Baltic Online (foreign accounts in SEB Baltic banks)


- subscription to the service (4)

EUR 15

- only the SEB Latvia or SEB Lithuania account(s) have been included in the client´s Internet Bank

EUR 10 per month

- both, the SEB Latvia and SEB Lithuania accounts have been included in the client´s Internet Bank

EUR 15 per month

- contract amendments

EUR 10


17. Baltic Gateway  
Direct channel  

- sign-up fee

EUR 50

- monthly fees for services


- account statements (except current day)

EUR 10

- current day statements (real-time account information)

EUR 25

- payments and/or e-invoices

EUR 25

Operator channel


Package 1 – account statements (except current day) and payments


- sign-up fee

free of charge

- monthly fee (5)


Package 2 – account statements, payments and e-invoices


- sign-up fee

EUR 25

- monthly fee

EUR 25

Fees for operator


- sign-up fee

EUR 50

- monthly fee

as agreed with the bank

(1) The commission fee is not applied to changes concerning the Internet Bank administrators, company’s daily limit, commission fee account and final term of the agreement.
(2) E-invoices with automated standing order are effected only in euros.
(3) VAT as per Value Added Tax Act will be added to the price.
(4) Cost per one company and one state to be joined.
(5) Monthly fee is not applied to clients with SEB Plans.



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