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Processing of card payments and reporting

You have to send all transactions correctly to the Card Centre of Banks at end of day to ensure that card payments are regularly received in the company’s current account. Check that the shop’s communication lines (telephone or internet connection) are working if sending transactions failed. Sending the data may have failed due to a technical fault of the bank or the Card Centre of Banks if your lines all work. If this is the case, call the Card Centre of Banks on 671 1444.

You can view card payment reports in Internet Bank for Business or have them e-mailed to you. You have to add collection account (POS) rights to the Internet Bank for Business user so they can view card payment reports in the Internet Bank.

Contents of card payment report
Date of receipt in bank The date when the transaction is received in the bank, i.e. the banking day following the day when the transaction was carried out
Cash register number All cash registers in a POS are numbered
Card Type of card used for card transaction(s)
Number of transactions Card transactions carried out in a period are added up by card type and the number of transactions indicates the total number of transactions carried out with one card type
Debit amount Sum of the service charge payable for card transaction(s) (according to merchant’s contract)
Credit amount Sum(s) of card transaction(s) paid by clients(d)
Payable Credit amount – debit amount = amount transferred to the merchant’s current account for card transactions carried out in the period

Explanation of card types

The card type format includes two components – the first three symbols indicate the code of a local bank or region in case of foreign cards, and the last two symbols indicate the card type.

Explanation of first three signs: Explanation of last two signs:
401 SEB Pank MA Maestro card
MB Mastercard credit business card
720 Danske Pank MC Mastercard credit card
801 Luminor Bank MD Mastercard debet card
742 Coop Pank MR Maestro  business card
793 Tallinna Äripank MT Mastercard debit business card
689 LHV Pank VB Visa credit business card
M00 Mastercard rest of the world VC Visa credit card
M01 Mastercard Europe VD Visa debet card
M02 Mastercard eurozone countries VE Visa Electron card
V00 Visa rest of the world VP Vpay debet card
V01 Visa Europe VR Visa Electron business card
V02 Visa eurozone countries VT Visa debet business card
A00 Foreign AMEX


Vpay credit card



AMEX card




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