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Making and cancelling an Internet card payment

Making a transaction

  • The client selects their goods in the merchant’s online shop, confirms the order, and selects “card payment” as the payment method.
  • The merchant’s programme prepares an inquiry which is signed electronically and forwarded to the server of Nets Estonia.
  • During the transaction, the client automatically enters the payment page of Nets Estonia, where they will enter their card number, the validity term of their card, the card’s security code (CVV – Card Verification Value), and their name.
  • Nets Estonia sends the authorisation inquiry to the card owner’s bank.
  • Confirmation of the transaction is displayed to the client and feedback of the transaction is also sent to the merchant.

    The merchant can prepare for the client:
    1. a receipt; feedback is sent to the merchant with an HTTP inquiry;
    2. a receipt with a link; by clicking on the link, feedback is sent with an HTTP inquiry to the software of the merchant’s online store server, and the client is redirected to the merchant’s online store page;
    3. an HTML page which automatically directs the client to the merchant’s online store, where the merchant prepares the receipt on their own.

With the service, merchants can additionally monitor the reports of their card transactions online (reports of sent and unsent transactions; it is also possible to check the details of transactions made months before – the type of card that was used to pay for the purchase, the sum, the time when the transaction was made, and the time when the transactions were sent to the bank for processing, etc.).

Cancelling a transaction

  • If the transaction has not yet been sent to the bank, i.e. the transaction has been made on the same day, the merchant can cancel the transaction, if necessary (see the guide).
  • If the transaction has been sent to the bank, please submit an application in free form for cancelling the transaction and include the original receipt of the transaction. Send the application to the e-mail address of Nets Estonia AS .



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