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Picture card conditions


Depending on whether you want the picture card as a debit or credit card, the card is respectively subject to the terms and conditions of a debit or credit card.

Terms and conditions of a debit card
Terms and conditions of a credit card
Terms and conditions of designing bank card

User and credit limit:

  Picture debit card Picture credit card
User limit of the card Daily cash withdrawal limit up to 3,500 euros, daily payment limit up to 6,500 euros;
Adding a monthly limit is optional
0–6,500 euros per calendar month
Credit limit* - 300–32,000 euros per calendar month
Changing user limit Takes effect immediately Takes effect immediately
Changing credit limit - Upon application

* The minimum credit limit of the card is 300 euros and maximum credit limit is your one month’s net income. When calculating the maximum limit, we also consider your other loans and lease obligations.


Important information when ordering the picture credit card:

  • The day when the funds used with the credit card during the previous month should be repaid in full shall be determined in the agreement. If the account linked to the card does not have the necessary funds on the day of repayment, interest on arrears shall be calculated.
  • The credit is interest-free for up to 45 days: no interest is calculated on the credit used during the calendar month until the repayment day of the following month.
  • If there is more than one card connected with the credit card agreement, every card shall be determined a separate user limit. The total sum of user limits of the cards may exceed the credit limit determined in the agreement.
  • With a picture credit card, you can use the available funds on the current account linked to the card.
  • You can transfer money to your current account within the credit card limit.

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