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SEB Pension Plan

SEB Pension Plan

Save wisely for your retirement

  • A personal plan for pension savings
  • A regular overview of pension assets
  • Security for future

SEB Pension Plan is a personal pension savings plan prepared according to your possibilities and requests. We keep an eye on the growth of your pension assets and advise you if we think you ought to change your pension plan. The Pension Plan gives you regular comprehensive overviews of your pension assets and security for the future.


Personal Pension Plan
Regular contributions to pension pillars are the first step in securing your future income. You should keep an eye on your investments after joining the pillars to ensure that your pension meets your needs.

The easiest way to monitor your pension savings is to set up a Pension Plan
You and the bank sign a Pension Plan contract, which means that we must invite you to regular personal investment consultations where we make sure that your pension contributions and products comply with your current possibilities and requirements.

Pension Plans helps you to grow your pension assets wisely and to make the right decisions at the right time.
A Pension Plan alone does not guarantee a sufficient pension, but it does include assistance and consultations about pensions. We help you to decide how to save money for your retirement according the goal we have set together.

How does the Pension Plan work?

Personal investment consultations
We set up an investment consultation for you after you have signed up for an SEB Pension Plan, where we review the compliance of your pension contributions with your possibilities and requirements. We also set up a new meeting to ensure that you achieve your pension goal according to your expectations. You can choose the frequency of consultations (every 2, 3 or 4 years) yourself.

Annual overviews
In addition to the information in the Internet Bank, we send you a detailed overview of your pension assets every year, which shows you how your pension pillars are doing.

Pension Plan is free
You don’t have to pay any contract or management fees when you set up a Pension Plan. The purpose of the Pension Plan is to set your pension goal and move towards it with the help of a specialist.

Increase your future pension
The sooner you start saving, the bigger your pension will be. Postponing your decision may mean that you lose a big chunk of your pension in the future. Our good advice helps you to achieve your goal.

Set it up quickly and easily
It is easy to set up your SEB Pension Plan in the Internet Bank, where you can calculate the plan that is suitable for you and sign the contract.

Terms and conditions

Before you sign the contract please read

Terms and Conditions of Pension Plan agreement



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