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Collection of payments on the internet

Collection of payments on the internet

The option to pay in the internet shop increases the payments received by merchants

  • Clients pay immediately
  • Money is quickly received in merchants’ accounts

Having Bank Link on your company’s website makes asking money for goods and services easy. You can receive payments immediately and safely with Bank Link.

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You can use the authentication service to identify clients who visit your online shop.

Identification of clients

  • The client clicks the Authorise button on the online shop website.
  • The client and the information sent by the online shop are directed to the Internet Bank.
  • The client logs in to the Internet Bank with their ID card, Mobile ID, password card or PIN calculator.
  • The following message is displayed to the client in the Internet Bank: “Please click Return to Merchant to send your ID code and name to our partner if you would like to access your data held by our partner. The bank will confirm to the partner that your ID code and name are correct.”
  • When the client clicks Return to Merchant, they are directed back to the online shop website with the ID code and name sent by the bank. 

There must be a logo of SEB’s Internet Bank, which the client cannot make themselves or change, in a visible place on the home page of the online shop.

1. Home page icon

120x60 pixels
2559 bytes

Text under the icon: You can pay via SEB Internet Bank here.
From the icon please refer to the page opened in a new window, with a recommendable name "SEB".

2. Home page icon

88x31 pixels
1803 bytes

Text under the icon: You can pay via SEB Internet Bank here.
From the icon please refer to the page opened in a new window, with a recommendable name "SEB".

3. Icon for starting payment

The icon used measures 88 x 31 pixels including the submit button. The HTML code is placed in the form element with the details of the electronic payment order.

With an internet card payment, you can accept the Visa and MasterCard credit cards in your webstore. Add to your webstore a credit card payment option E-Commerce Payment Gateway, developed in co-operation with Nets Estonia AS (former Pankade Kaardikeskus).

Internet card payment is safe for the client, since the merchant has no access to the full card number of the cardholder. When paying with the card, the card data is entered to the database of Nets Estonia, accordingly Nets Estonia AS will also be responsible for the card data. Read about the internet card payment solution from the Nets Estonia webpage.

Joining the internet card payment service
  • Sign an Internet Merchant Agreement with SEB.
  • Install the internet card payment solution into your webstore environment according to the specification of Nets Estonia.
General requirements to merchant’s website
  • Complete name, registry code, postal address, country of location of the company
  • Description and conditions of purchase process – must be easily findable and uniquely understandable for the client
  • Complete list of goods/services – possibly detailed description of product/service; price list (currency of card transaction)
  • Methods of payment
  • Final cost of order – added postage and how it is decided; reference to possible additional charges, incl. potential obligation of the client to pay customs and VAT
  • Rules of delivering/dispatching the goods
  • Rules of forwarding the order-related information to the client
  • Warranty terms and rules of replacement and returning of goods
  • Client service phone and e-mail address and the procedure of giving feedback. In case of telephone – operating hours by local time and the time zone (GMT+2), for e-mail – the speed of answering the messages. Used languages
  • Privacy policy/data security – an indication that when requesting the card data, SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, is used; using/not using personal data presented to the company by the client; information stating that the merchant does not see the entered card data; in order to execute a card transaction, the client is directed to the secure environment of the Nets Estonia. At the moment of payment, the card data of the cardholder is entered by the cardholder to the database located in the Nets Estonia server and the data is also stored in Nets Estonia.
  • Logos and trademarks (SecureCode, VbV) of the accepted cards (Visa/Masterard). Proper logos can be downloaded from the Nets Estonia website

Please familiarise yourself also with the instructions, prepared by Consumer Protection Board for e-commerce companies on legal requirements and good trading practice.

Using the internet card payment service
  • Based on the cost of products, selected by the client, a signed software inquiry is sent to the E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface for executing the card transaction.
  • The client is automatically directed to the payment page of the E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface, where he shall insert his card data.
  • E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface authorises the transaction at the bank through Nets Estonia AS.
  • The client is provided confirmation about the transaction and transaction feedback is sent to the merchant.
  • The merchant can prepare for the client:
    1) a sales slip; feedback is sent to the merchant with HTTP-inquiry;
    2) a sales slip with a link; by clicking the link a feedback is sent with HTTP-inquiry to the software of the merchant’s webstore server and the client is redirected to the merchant’s web store page;
    3) an HTML-page, which directs the client automatically to the merchant’s webstore, where the merchant designs the sales slip itself.

The merchants can view the card transaction reports on the Internet, however they have no access to the card number.

Test package

Bank Link format can be found from the technical specification of the Bank Link (PDF).

E-mail of technical support of Bank Link: .

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